Pets Euthanasia Service

End Your Beloved & Aged Pet’s Sufferings

Unfortunately and sadly, our beloved pets cannot be with us forever. At SAI, we understand and very much appreciate the importance of caring for your pet in their last hours and beyond. Coming to the decision to say goodbye to your beloved pet can be incredibly difficult, on an emotional and mental level. At SAI, our veterinarians and veterinary nurses can guide and support you in the right direction with this process. There are so many things to think about at this very difficult time, but the final decision is ultimately what is right for your pet as nobody wants to see their beloved pet suffer.

Veterinarians are medical professionals who can provide you with any information you may have regarding your pet’s medical conditions and quality of life and can help discuss your pet’s quality of life.

What To Expect?

Your pet will have an intravenous cannula placed, usually in a vein on one of their front legs. One of our veterinarians will administer a painless injection of an anaesthetic agent, which will anaesthetise your pet. After the anaesthetising process, an injection of a concentrated anaesthetic agent will be administered, which will cause instantaneous respiratory and cardiac arrest. Your beloved pet will pass quickly and painlessly. You might notice your pet may experience muscle twitching, urination, defecation or last gasps after the administration of the euthanasia solution. It is important to note that your dog is completely unaware of these movements, and does not feel any pain.

After-Care Options

At SAI, after your pet has passed away, you have the option of burial, private cremation, or communal cremation f your beloved pet. 


You may choose to bury your pet at home (local government authorities may have specific regulations regarding pet burial, please contact your local council for further information). We can advise you on options for pet cemeteries within the Perth metropolitan area if you wish.

Private Cremation

We routinely use the services of both Evermore Pet Cremation and Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetary. They’re both very well-known and local businesses in Perth and both have multiple options for the return of your pet’s ashes. If you choose either Evermore or Lawnswood for private cremation, they will collect your pet within 24 hours from our hospital and get in contact with you then. For specific information regarding various private cremation options, pricing and processes, please visit Evermore Pet Cremation at or Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetary at

Communal Cremation

You may request and choose your beloved pet to be cremated communally with other passed pets. Please let our friendly reception and triage staff know if this is what you request.

24/7 Small Animal Emergency

Our after-hours emergency team operates continuously for unexpected out-of-hours pet emergencies and for unwell patients. We are a fully operational 24-hour multi-purpose emergency hospital and we provide comprehensive veterinary care for your pets in need at any time of the day or night.

We are equipped with a modern intensive care unit, multi-purpose state-of-the-art surgical suite, digital radiology, full in-house laboratory, high-quality advanced ultrasound, endoscopy, and a wide range of high-level monitoring and systematic diagnostic equipment.

When There’s No Treatment, Euthanasia Is The Option!
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