Provide Pets Laser Surgery Service

Laser Surgery for Precision and Faster Healing

SAI Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a CO2 laser for less invasive surgery for both skin and soft tissue procedures. Advanced airway procedures are also undertaken using a surgical Laser. A non-surgical cold laser is also used for skin treatments for wounds and ulcers for healing purposes.

It also reduces pain and discomfort from procedures and enhances rapid recovery for our orthopaedic patients. Laser sessions last between 5-10 minutes in total and cause no discomfort to your pet. Contact us for laser surgery today!

What is laser surgery?

Laser surgery is a completely different approach to treating conditions related to tissues. A highly focused laser beam is used in laser surgery to ablate the living tissue efficiently. It also seals capillaries, nerve endings, small blood vessels, and lymphatics, beneficial for surgeons and patients. We use Co2 laser to perform laser surgeries and treat conditions your pet suffers from.

Conditions That Can be Treated with Laser Surgery

Laser surgery can be used to treat a wide variety of health conditions in animals; some are as follows: –

Benefits of Laser Surgery

As mentioned above, laser surgery benefits both surgeons and patients. So let’s look at the benefits offered by laser surgery to patients first: –

Reduced Pain: Since the Co2 laser beam seals lymphatics and nerve endings, the patient being treated experiences less pain and edema.

Less Bleeding: The laser seals small blood vessels as it cuts, significantly reducing bleeding.

Quick Healing: After being treated by laser surgery, patients recover much faster than conventional surgery techniques.

No Infection Risk: As the laser beam cuts the skin, it kills bacteria during the process, resulting in a reduced risk of infection.

Benefits for Surgeons:

Enhanced visibility: The laser light seals the small blood vessels as well as capillaries as it cuts, which reduces bleeding to a great extent, resulting in a drier and much clearer surgical site.

Fast Surgery: Surgeons can treat conditions with laser surgery a lot faster than they would with other conventional surgical methods.

Higher control: The focal spot size of the laser beam is adjustable; therefore, surgeons have much control and precision while performing laser surgeries.

Unique surgical capabilities: With a laser beam, surgeons can treat various complex conditions that are impossible with other conventional surgical treatments.

Exceptional Laser Surgery Services at SAI Veterinary Hospital

At SAI Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in performing laser surgery with utmost care and dedication. We are a team of qualified and veterinaries committed to providing your pets with the compassionate care and support they deserve. We aim to help all our pet friends live happy lives without any medical problems.

We are performing laser surgeries for various problems and have gained the trust of numerous pet parents by offering their dogs, cats, or other animals effective surgical treatments. Here are a few things that set us apart from others: –

Laser Surgery

At SAI Veterinary Hospital, our team of experienced surgeons perform various soft tissue surgery from the simplest of small and large stitch-up wounds, desexing and lump removals, right through to complex abdominal and thoracic surgery.

Intestinal tumours, tumours of the pancreas, gall bladder stones, gastric and intestinal foreign body obstruction, trauma, gastric dilatation and volvulus, bladder and kidney surgery and all forms of reproductive medicine, especially desexing (spey and castration including retained testicles) and gynaecological emergencies, such as a caesarian section.

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